About Us


Our Mission

To guide the next generation on becoming tomorrow’s leaders by providing them equal and greater access to a network of professional organizations and service communities where they can learn and discover their true career passion.

Our Story

Remember as a kid growing up, you would get asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child we would easily reference something from career day such as, teacher, doctor, or a police officer.

Whether you are in high school, college, or transitioning into the workforce, that same question may not be as easy. This time you have no idea what you want to do or what type of major to pursue. Our goal is to help students and young adults that do not have equal access to professional networking opportunities for career development understand the value of networking and how building relationships early on can lead to a meaningful impact towards their own career discovery.

Nethubb is the career discovery marketplace that connect students with professional organizations. These organizations offer invaluable services for students and young adults, from having career mentors, to volunteering for a cause, to learning about an industry, to meeting like minded peers and having simple less intimidating access to a network of industry professionals to discover. The everyday person may not have access to these opportunities, especially those with limited resources and Nethubb can help with that.

We know being involved and making connections introduces you to people from all walks of life and those people know people, so developing relationships early on could lead to many opportunities from volunteering, internship, to even employment. This is just the beginning to building a great resume or bio, or supporting a cause that is dear to your heart, not only will you be passionate about it, you'll be finding your passion along the way.

Our Vision

To become a global networking career hub, helping to connect young individuals with professional organizations (Associations and Non-Profit).

Our Goal

  • Guide students and young adults to expand their professional growth by providing them networking opportunities thru professional organizations to help discover their true career passion.

  • Grow professional organizations (our partners). We understand that part of every Professional Association & Non-Profits’ mission is to help individuals achieve their highest potential by opening opportunities many members can explore and take advantage of. At Nethubb, our goal is to achieve this feat and more with ease by promoting their organization to a larger audience!

Co Founders

Valerie and Estelle have been friends for over 10 years before they officially launched Nethubb in 2020. They both currently reside in Dallas, TX with their families. Valerie’s career passion is entrepreneurship, working with startups, and guiding our next generation to reach their full career potential. Estelle’s career passion is finding ways to service the younger generation in this era of information and technology.


Valerie Biggs, Co Founder

Veteran and Holds an MBA

Estelle Monroe, Co Founder

B.A in Accountancy